Production News


“Kelime Oyunu” on teve2!

“Kelime Oyunu” was licensed by Sera Film, will start on the 8th May on teve2…Successful host Ali İhsan Varol represents “Kelime Oyunu” on teve2. During each episode of the show four contestants try to guess words on the basis of cryptic descriptions as an individual letters are revealed. The faster they are at finding the r...

MIPFormats Spotlight: “Queue Up”

Original and entertaining format “Queue Up” will be presented by Sera Film’s General Manager Idil Belli in MIPFormats.Exciting and about to be commissioned formats will be discussed in“Spot The Talent: Indies Around the World” session on 3rd April, 15:40.Sera Film will share this session with a selection of talented indepen...

“Kuyruk” Coming Soon

Sera Film proudly presents its original format “Kuyruk”. New gameshow, created and developed by Sera Film.3 teams of family or group of friends compete against each other. Game show has 3 parts and each part has 3 questions and 1 simple physical challenge. There are 12 questions in total, each successive question rising in ...

New Exciting Game Show “Kazan Kazan” Starts on ATV

Exciting, entertaining and dynamic game show, “Kazan Kazan” will start soon on ATV. While you are watching the game show, you may say “it was on the tip of my tongue”, “ I knew it” for questions. Contestants will answer only true false questions in this show. In order to gain big prize, partners will support each other and ...

You Can’t Hide from Street Raffle

New Street Quiz show has just started. It is known as  "Street Raffle" in Spain, produced by Sera Film. The host equipped with cameras on his body, walks and record himself at the same time, ask questions to random people in the street. If the answers are correct, you could win surprise gifts. The show could be follow at yo...

The Show That Keep You Saying “Oh Boy”

A new quiz show which is known as "Legacy" in the world, produced by Sera film, will start soon on Star TV. The show will be hosted by experienced actor Oktay Kaynarca. “The Legacy” is a quiz television show in which a number of participants, throughout a series of question rounds and a final, compete for a prize in cash...

New TV Programme: TR PLAKA

After having produced in Spain the format was brought to Turkey by Sera Film Services and started production for Kanaltürk in the  2012.  Format is co-production with Kanaltürk . Orijinal name is “Scrambled Plates”. Tr Plaka  is a question and answer game show based on license plates. The program is being aired daily. ...