The chef of one of the most prestigious restaurants of the city is dreaming of opening a new exclusive restaurant just opposite his present one. Unfortunately, someone else has just bought the same premises before him. What’s worst, the encroacher is a provincial immigrant who intends to launch an unpretentious bistro of healthy regional cuisine. Inevitably the two restaurants go to war.

On one side an elegant renewed restaurant with classic haute cuisine dishes, and on the other side of the fence, a basic and tasty menu, yet very meticulous in their choice of top-quality ingredients. Two different styles of cuisine confront each other represented by their chefs and their reciprocal families. Episode after episode, the story goes by through hilarious battles between the two factions and their diverse worlds. The absolute protagonists of the serial are the restaurants’ kitchens which trigger the events, move characters and kindle all passions.

TimeslotPrime Time
Duration60’ - 90’
Target Group - - -