Drugs trafficking, extortion, human trafficking and arms dealing are just some of the activities the ‘Ndrangheta is involved in. 

This world, which moves within a code of silence and unbreakable blood ties, is seen through the eyes of Marco, an undercover agent whose mission is to infiltrate the family clan that controls the Gioia Tauro Port, the largest gateway for illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean. His code name is SOLO.

When Marco goes undercover in the powerful Corona crime family, he is thrown into a downward spiral of violence from which there is no turning back. The choices he is forced to make to ensure his true identity remains hidden, lead him into a gray area where the lines between State servant and criminal become blurred, risking not only his life, but his very soul. Marco will even have to choose between the woman he loves and a new bond that he can’t break away from for fear of jeopardizing the whole mission…

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