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“A Mother’s Guilt” on Kanal D!

“A Mother’s Guilt” on Kanal D!

23 October 2020

Licenced by Sera Film, named originally “A Mother’s Guilt” and represented by Abs – Cbn Corporation a new TV series, “Bir Annenin  Günahı” which will starts soon on Kanal D! Produced by Limon Production and Hayri Aslan as the executive producer.

Starring Özge Özberk, Musa Uzunlar, Emre Kınay, Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Simay Barlas and Pamir Pekin; “A Mother's Guilt” is adapted from the hit Filipino series named as "Hanggang Saan".Suna is a selfless single mother whose world revolves around her family. While she does everything she can for them, she focuses on her son Yusuf, who was born with a heart condition. But when Yusuf suffers a near fatal heart attack, a desperate Suna agrees to a grim deal where she does the unthinkable and takes a man's life to save her son's. Yusuf  survives, but Suna has to live with the guilt of her crime…

The drama of a mother who stands on her own feet but has to commit a crime for her son and the love story of two young people who will be tested with this reality.