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Sera Film, established in 1988, is one of the oldest and most experienced independent companies in the Turkish television and broadcasting industry. Its major business lines are distribution, production and content creation.

Sera Film representing a variety of international content distributors, provides high quality TV programs to Turkish broadcasters.

Over the years, Sera Film’s business mission has been shaped by the trends in the world of broadcasting and new media. Currently, besides distributing programs, Sera Film is involved in licensing of TV characters, development of new formats, provision of content for new media, consultancy services, and field production services to companies interested in shooting in Turkey.

Recently, all major Turkish TV and media companies have been closely involved in internet and mobile applications, which resulted in the expansion of their consumer spectrum and their services around these fields. Considering this fact, along with traditional TV formats, all other sorts of “new media” content are also represented in Sera Film’s catalogue.

Sera Film has also been involved in executive production of TV programs by gathering together broadcasters, producers, sponsors and interactive service companies from both local territory and abroad.

From investment research to program tracking in the market, Sera Film also provides advisory services for foreign companies having business in Turkey.

Sera Film has 14 years of expertise in representing a variety of international distributors and has been providing high quality TV programs for broadcasters and producers in Turkey.

Company represents some of the most respected and recognized international companies in the Turkish territory. Since 1988, reliable service, extensive experience and well established business relationships have provided Sera Film access to a wide range of programs from feature films to formats addressing all genres.

Sera Film has extensive expertise from pre-sale research to post-sale reports and follow-ups, and ensures that the following steps are taken in concluding sales:

– Program evaluation and consultancy for placement
– Program promotion
– Negotiation of the terms and coordination of the sales
– Control and copyright protection

With an innovative approach to the representation of television programming, Sera Film is the driving force behind some of the most successful television projects in Turkey. Today, many television packages formulated by Sera Film occupy key time slots on Turkish television schedules.

Through continuous research and follow-up, Sera Film distributes the best quality Turkish feature films and TV programs to the world market. Recently, Sera Film has also been involved in international marketing of original Turkish TV formats. To that end, SERA attends major international markets such as MIPTV, MIPCOM, Monte Carlo TV Market and NATPE on a regular basis.

Sera Film provides production services for foreign producers who would like to shoot in Turkey. These services are provided by the growing need for production co-ordination liaison in Turkey by foreign companies filming on-location in Turkey. Sera Film’s field production services include bringing together the necessary parts and tools of local production for foreign companies and also following-up of the production throughout its entirety.

Sera Film guides the producers of film, television programs and commercials in designing and executing their project in the smoothest and most cost effective manner. This service includes the whole pre-production period from market research to the drawing of a draft budget. During the production, Sera Film, always giving particular attention to cost and quality issues, arranges things like scouting, transportation, accommodation, catering, finding shooting locations, production crew and shooting equipment, obtaining legal permissions and sponsorship deals. Sera Film prides itself with providing a well-planned and dedicated professional service as detested by the positive feedback it receives from each project it is involved in.

Regarding local production, Sera Film provides TV channels production coordination services by developing the content of the original formats and shaping them for the Turkish viewers’ needs. It advises clients in choosing a suitable production company and crew, casting and hosts, editorial work, organizes the adaptation of software and graphics, and arranges hiring of experienced foreign consultants. By offering timely and innovative solutions to problems encountered, Sera Film strives to create the best program possible.

Sera Film keeps its clients updated about the developments in the market through regular media reports, guides them into new and promising programming ideas and reports on current market trends.

As far as the stringer activities go, the details of various local productions are provided to clients on a monthly basis together with screening tapes and comments.

An extensive semi-annual market report is sent to all clients of Sera Film. The report includes all major news and developments about the local media sector and TV sub-sector including M&A activities, country information (politics and economy), percentages, ratings, and advertisement revenues for local and foreign programs.

On demand, Sera Film also provides information and advice regarding legal issues and investment strategies; and also perform valuation and feasibility analyses of the sector.