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"This Time Next Year" is Coming Soon on TRT1!

27 November 2020

Originally named "This Time Next Year" licensed by Sera Film!  The Turkish version of the program will meets the audience on TRT1 screen with cooperation of Staff Film!



16 November 2020

ATF will be held from 1st of December to 4th of December 2020.  Sera Film one of the attendees of this organization.


“A Mother’s Guilt” on Kanal D!

23 October 2020

Licenced by Sera Film, named originally “A Mother’s Guilt” and represented by Abs – Cbn Corporation a new TV series, “Bir Annenin  Günahı” which will starts soon on Kanal D!


Sera Film Has Officially Signed Up to MIPCOM Online!

30 September 2020

Sera Film which has an active identity on the international market; serve as a bridge at eigther bargaining productions...


We are keen to meet you online at World Content Market!

3 September 2020

The World Content Market will be held from 1st September to 1st December 2020 and we would love to pitch our content to you in the safety of your home...


Happy Family Plan starts on ATV!

17 July 2020

Japanese game show "Happy Family Plan" that aired on TBS Television from 1997,  licensed by Sera Film, and it will be on air soon on ATV.


A Format That Bonds Generations!

16 July 2020

“Get Rekt” is a TV formats project conceptualized by Turkey-based production company, Sera Films, which came in as one of the Top 5 at the ATF Formats Pitch last year...


Sera Film is expanding its marketing strategies!

27 May 2020

Sera Film aims to share its contents with potential buyers internationally in line with its cooperation with CEE TV, Program Buyer, Mena TV, Vuulr and Allrites, which are...


Aladdin's journey starts soon on TV360!

24 April 2020

It is an age old fantasy tale of a young boy and his struggles around his family and love. He is a lovable rogue, hopeless romantic, a poet and a righteous thief...


Our Contribution to This Strange Time: Free Turkish TV Report Available

15 April 2020

While home officing, we did not fail to skip our bi-annual report on Turkish TV industry provided to our clients and colleagues all over the World for more than 15 years. We also decided to share the report openly this time with all the interested parties


Sera Film has been selected by the MIPTV as one of MIPTV2020’s Producers to Watch!

24 February 2020

At MIPTV 2020 they are highlighting key independent producers from around the world, with international potential, in their curated list of


Production Partnership Models For Scripted Formats in Turkey

29 November 2019

The aim of the publication is to lay bare the fundamentals of Turkish Television Market and to explain different models and mechanisms of co-production as well as showing the benefits and challenges of each partnership.


Sera Film proudly presents new line up for MIPCOM'19!

3 October 2019

One of the oldest and most experienced independent company, Sera Film is exciting to launch new formats for MIPCOM 2019.


50 % Y-o-Y increase in total hours of programming in 2018!

18 January 2019

One of the most prominent independent media companies in Turkey, Sera film achieved a 50% Y-o-Y increase in total hours of programming in 2018.


The Best Competition Show: Kelime Oyunu

11 December 2018

Kelime Oyunu, the phenomenon quiz show produced by Sera Film, has been awarded as the


Family Feud on TRT1!

30 November 2018

“Family Feud” licensed by Sera Film, will start on the 3rd December on TRT1!


Outstanding 40 % increase achieved by Sera Film

6 June 2018

One of the most prominent independent media companies in Turkey, Sera film achieved to increase the total hours of the programming by 40 % in 2017.


ABS-CBN extends partnership with Sera Film

17 April 2018

ABS-CBN Corporation renewed its non-exclusive partnership with Sera Film for its marketing consultancy in Turkey.


Founded in 1988, Sera Film celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

13 March 2018

Sera Film was founded in Ankara in 1988. At that time, Sera was licensing foreign content programs to TRT


“The Fashion Hero” in Turkey!

6 October 2017

“The Fashion Hero” in Turkey!


Idıl Belli was the speaker in BCWW Format Seminar!

30 August 2017

Mrs. Idil Belli, General Manager of Sera Film Services was the speaker in BCWW


“Shameless” is adapted as “Bizim Hikaye” for the Turkish audience!

9 August 2017

Well- known TV Series “Shameless” is adapted as “Bizim Hikaye” for the Turkish audience.


The prank show “Just For Laughs Gags” will start on TV8,5!

29 June 2017

The prank show


Swedish format “DooBiDoo” in Turkey!

29 June 2017

İrem Derici ile Eğlenmene Bak, which tests the musical knowledge of celebrity contestants


“Grandpas Over Flowers” set for Turkey remake!

15 May 2017

South Korean format Grandpas Over Flowers is being remade in Turkey for Show TV.


Award season has opened!

2 May 2017

The quiz show licensed by Sera Film, has got three different awards at the best quiz show category in 2017.


Sera Film collaborates for the distribution of Mediaset’s catalogue in MENA

14 October 2016

Rome, September 6, 2016 – Kanal D / Sera Film distributes Mediaset series.


MIPFormats Spotlight: “Queue Up”

16 March 2016

Original and entertaining format “Queue Up” will be presented by Sera Film’s General Manager Idil Belli in MIPFormats.


“Kuyruk” Coming Soon

29 January 2016

Sera Film proudly presents its original format “Kuyruk”. New gameshow, created and developed by Sera Film.


Sera Film Services’ Activities in 2015

4 January 2016

Sera Film, providing distribution, production and consultancy services to Turkish TV sector for 27 years


“1 Alp 3 Çocuk” Starts on TV8

5 December 2015

Successful host Alp Kırşan represents “1 Alp 3 Çocuk” on TV8. In ”1 Alp 3 Çocuk”


“Hayat Mucizelere Gebe” on Kanal D

4 December 2015

Well- known TV Series “Jane the Virgin” is adapted by name as “Hayat Mucizelere Gebe”.


Sera Film Services Participates “The Power Of Unscripted: Superpanel” In MIPCOM

29 September 2015

In recent years, Turkey has become a fresh source for unscripted content


“What Happens to My Family” on TRT1

24 July 2015

Sera Film licensed another TV Series, “Baba Can’dır” which will start soon on TRT1.


“Full House” Dominated The Ratings

10 July 2015

First episode of “Full House” was broadcasted on July 4, 2015 on Show TV


New Exciting Game Show “Kazan Kazan” Starts on ATV

17 June 2015

Exciting, entertaining and dynamic game show, “Kazan Kazan” will start soon on ATV.


Enjoyable and Dynamic Brand-New Show, The Pyramid, Starts on Show TV

1 April 2015

Exciting, entertaining and dynamic game show, “The Pyramid” will start soon on Show TV.


“A Matter of Respect” AB Group Raiting Winner Again

9 February 2015

Licensed by Sera Film, well known tv series “A Matter of Respect” adapted by Kanal D


“Granny Bootcamp” on TRT 1

22 December 2014


First Episode of Vay Arkadas – Legacy Gets In One of The Top Five Programme

3 July 2014

Produced by Serafilm, hosted by experienced actor Oktay Kaynarca


You Can’t Hide from Street Raffle

30 May 2014

New Street Quiz show has just started. It is known as  


The Show That Keep You Saying “Oh Boy”

30 May 2014

A new quiz show which is known as


Turkey is Looking for the Smartest Person

15 May 2014

“Canadian’s Smartest Person” is licensed  by Sera Film will start on Trt1.


Turkey Makes the Smartest Move

15 May 2014

A Turkish broadcaster has become the first network to commission its own version of an interactive


Sopranos in Turkey

28 February 2014

Well known in the world,  tv series


Tuscan Passion on Kanal D

10 January 2014

The details of Kanal D 's Tuscan Passion: The representative of Mediaset


New TV Programme: TR PLAKA

15 June 2012

After having produced in Spain the format was brought to Turkey by Sera Film Services