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Sera Film is expanding its marketing strategies!

Sera Film is expanding its marketing strategies!

27 May 2020

Sera Film, which has been serving the Turkish Television broadcasting sector for 32 years in the fields of distribution, production and consultancy, is expanding its marketing strategies!

Sera Film aims to share its contents with potential buyers internationally in line with its cooperation with CEE TV, Program Buyer, Mena TV, Vuulr and Allrites, which are among the most important platforms of the industry.

The original format of Sera Film, “Stay or Walk Away”, launched to potential customers on the Pitch & Play Formatcase site, which belongs to CEE TV. In Stay or Walk Away, couples considering divorce enter our intense marriage boot camp. BUT there’s a twist. The couple can’t leave the boot camp until they agree. Stay and work on their marriage or walk away and divorce. If they can’t agree, they can’t leave.

In Program Buyer, which is the international online platform, Sera Film's original formats "QUP", "Lovers Without Borders" and "Serve Yourself Up" bring together with potential buyers.Very successful and huge-rating show “QUP”, broadcast for 40 episodes on TRT, national public broadcaster of Turkey.  3 families or group of friends made up of 4 members pick on each other and battle it out in 12-question trivia quiz and play engaging games in each round. While the players in the cabins are marking their answers, the rest of the players queue up behind the player who they think, knows the answer. “Lovers Without Borders” - is an entertainment game show enriched with love and humour. It is a competition of brides coming from many different countries, who are in love with a man from your country and who have gone beyond the boundaries, for the sake of love. “Serve Yourself Up” - 5 singles, picked out by a relationship coach, get the chance to know more about each other over a dinner table every night of the week. Monday through Friday, 5 contestants that have never met before, get together for a dinner party at one another’s homes. Every day different topics about relationships are discussed and surprising facts about the contestants are revealed.

The most important platform of Middle East, Mena TV put Sera Film’s well-known quiz show “Think!” into its platform. The aim of the collaboration is to reach buyers from Middle East. Very successful and huge- rating show “Think!”, has been on air since 2009 with over 3000 episodes, winning more than 100 awards along the way.

In addition, the original formats of Sera Film, “Think!”, “QUP”, “Boss Lady”, “Hang In There Honey” and“Lovers Without Borders “uploaded to Vuulr and Allrites which are big online platforms for Asia.“Boss Lady” –it is a compelling and timely new reality format where women with little to no business experience take over their husband’s financially distressed businesses to try and turn them around. “Hang In There Honey”– is a physical quiz show where 3 teams of couples compete against each other at the same time to win a cash prize by completing 16 questions based on knowledge and general culture.