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Production Partnership Models For Scripted Formats in Turkey

Production Partnership Models For Scripted Formats in Turkey

29 November 2019

The Production Partnership Models for Scripted Formats in Turkey report by Sera Film Services is now ready.

Thanks to international sales and global viewership, Turkey has a very high ranking in global statistics and is second only to the US in worldwide TV programs distribution.

The current volume of TV series exports is estimated to be around $350 million per year with an outreach over 140 countries. They are vastly popular in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa.

In relation with high international revenues and increasing trend of co-production in Turkey, our comprehensive report discovers the different co-production opportunities in Turkey for the international players.

The aim of the publication is to lay bare the fundamentals of Turkish Television Market and to explain different models and mechanisms of co-production as well as showing the benefits and challenges of each partnership.

The report is based on both our experiences and the insight from different producers and distributors on various projects different co-production opportunities.