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7 January 2021

Sera Film is expanding its business network in Asia, day by day! Now, Sera Film has undertaken distribution of ambitious contents of a Chinese company that is named as Drama Apple.

Drama Apple draws attention in the global media market with its content that aims to resonate with the masses.

On the other hand, the achievements of Chinese origin content in our country do not end with counting. In addition, the increasing interest and curiosity for both adapted productions and ready-made content plays a big role in audience demands.

Let's take a look at the worldwide successes of the contents which is distributed by Sera Film and owned by Drama Apple. You can contact us to learn more about the contents.


Ming Dynasty (HistoricalDrama – 62 x 43’ / 2019)

Ming Dynasty has been distributed to more than 15 mainstream platforms in major countries, and can be watched simultaneously in more than 200 countries on YouTube and other OTT platforms.

Top 1 compared to other titles on the same time slot in China.

WeTV 2019 audience rating list: Top 3 (Taivan)

Most Favorite Title of Best Of The East (time slot) Top 1 on Chinese-speaking audience playlist (Malaysia)

Episode 1 on TKL(OTT): over 1.23 million views; Total Views: over 8.08 million (Vietnam)


Legend of The Phoenix (Historical Drama – 41 x 41’ / 2019)

Over 100 million views in 2 days, over 1.3 billion total views

TOP 1 of Weibo Index

180,000 views per episode in average (Youtube)

Popular in overseas markets, it was the third most popular Chinese drama in the same period. (USA)


White War (Crime &Suspense Drama – 30 x 45’ / 2020):

Simulcast with mainland China: Viu (Hong Kong,China/ Singapore), Astro (Malaysia), Vie ON (Vietnam), iTalkBB/ ODC, (North America), viki (Europe, Americas, Oceania, India…) Upcoming: TKL & HTV7 (Vietnam).

Top ‘compared to other titles on the same time slot in North America

Total views on TV side in July: Top 2 (Malaysia)


The Hunting Genius (Metropolitan Emotional Drama - 36 x 45’ / 2017):

Total view counts: 240 million

Highest view counts per day: 27.55 million

Almost 750 reports by mainstream media, such asXinhua News Agency,People’s Daily, China News、YNET、、, etc.

Douban Rating: 7