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Sera Film Has Officially Signed Up to MIPCOM Online!

Sera Film Has Officially Signed Up to MIPCOM Online!

30 September 2020

Sera Film is one of the attendees on MIPCOM Online+ this year and the company continues its mission that has been going on since 1988!

Sera Film which has an active identity on the international market; serve as a bridge at eigther bargaining productions that get huge successes in Turkey to abroad or adapting unique contents from foreign markets to Turkish broadcasting sector.

Sera Film Services aims to get into global market with outstanding formats that is created by the company. MIPCOM 2020 will be held on between 12-16 October and Sera Film attend with its original contents; “One Shot”, by 1 question specifically designed for the contestant can change everything. And the compelling and timely new reality format “Boss Lady” where women with little to no business experience take over their husband’s financially distressed businesses to try and turn them around. Another 60 minute weekly reality “Stay or Walk Away”  with dailies stripped on relationship that challenges couples in crisis to make the ultimate decision for their future, either together or separate. Very successful and got huge ratings show “QUP”, 3 families or group of friends play against each other and try to win points by not only answering questions but also  by the decision of choosing  a strategic queue. It is taking a lot of attention in the meanwhile, we are negotiating some broadcasters from different regions. The game show “The Line Up”, 10 contestants will pick on each other battle it out in this trivia quiz. Also, very innovative quiz show “Hang In There Honey” follows 3 teams of couples compete against each other at the same time to win a  cash prize by completing 16 questions based on knowledge and general. “Serve Yourself Up”, dating format in the genre of “comedine w/me” meaning to be stripped during the weekdays and a competition show “Lovers Without Borders” brides coming from many different countries, who are in love with a man from your country and who have gone beyond the boundaries, for the sake of love.