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In each episode of Queue Up, three teams with four players battle it out to win a cash prize. The teams can be close friends, neighbors or families. Even your kids can join you in Queue Up! Because it’s important that the team members know each other well – both their strengths and their weaknesses!

There are 12 questions in total, each successive question rising in prize value. The category is given as a hint before each question. While the players in the cabins are marking their answers, the rest of the players queue up behind the player who they think, knows the answer. Every team member’s winnings total up in one team account and the team that collects the highest total amount of money wins the game and plays the final. 

The show is created and develop by Sera Film broadcasted on TRT1 and hosted by successful actor Uraz Kaygılaroğlu.

MAIN CATEGORY Format Program
GENRE Game Show
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Women