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Doctor Giorgia Basile, known to everyone as “Giò”, was formerly the head of the gynecology and obstetrics department at a major hospital. She was suspended from her job following a lawsuit against her which was instigated by the influential Professor Monti, head of the hospital. There had been a tragedy regarding Monti’s wife who seemingly committed suicide by throwing herself out of a window at the hospital. Doctor Giò had tried to shed light on what happened because she knew that the Professor’s wife had been victim of violence at home. However, Monti caught her wrong-footed accusing Giò of negligence and therefore of having contributed to his wife’s suicide.

But all charges against her were dropped and Doctor Giò is happy to finally be able to get back to her work at the hospital, even though she is no longer the head of the department. Today she is deeply committed to protecting abused women and their children and for this reason she is determined to set up an Anti-Violence Center for women within the hospital.

However, her project clashes with that of new head physician, Paolo Zampelli, who wants to invest in robotic medicine. Zampelli has two important allies: Dr. Anna Torre, the hospital’s chief medical officer, and Professor Monti himself, who supports robotics, even if not just in the interests of medicine.
Giò and the ambitious Zampelli are polar opposites in how they approach their profession, and their objectives inevitably conflict with each other. However, despite the differences of opinions, their relationship evolves into one of growing mutual understanding. What’s more, the two come together to try and find out what really happened on the night that Monti’s wife crashed out of that hospital window. The days at the hospital seem to follow on relentlessly, but Doctor Giò always works with sensitivity and professionalism together with a few of her old colleagues and some new, young residents, each of them with their own backstory and personality. When she isn’t working, Giò spends time relaxing and confiding in her dear friend Sandra, a brave journalist who, through her exposé articles, tries to help Giò bring down the shady power which Monti represents. 

This is exactly the fight our protagonist has to face. Giò knows only too well how powerful and dangerous Monti is, but little does she know the extent to which Monti is willing to go in order to cover up his past and present misconducts …

MAIN CATEGORY Format, Readymade
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Women