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In Stay or Walk Away, couples considering divorce enter our intense marriage boot camp. BUT there’s a twist. The couple can’t leave the boot camp until they agree. Stay and work on their marriage or walk away and divorce. If they can’t agree, they can’t leave.
8 couples in crisis move into our marriage boot camp.Husbands stay in one home. Wives in another. In private and group therapy sessions; each spouse confronts how they contributed to the marriage problems. VTR’s capture the daily drama as participants share their own difficulties and breakthroughs.  If they work hard in therapy, the couples are awarded 20 minutes together. At the end of each emotional week comes the decision ceremony.
If both spouses choose to walk away, they leave through separate doors to start their new lives. If they choose to stay, the couple renews their marriage vows in a joyful ceremony marking a new chapter in their relationship. And if one chooses to stay and one to walk away; the couple must stay until they can decide on the same future.
Stay or Walk Away is a unique, compelling and completely new view of divorce, separation and starting over.

Distributed by Lucid Dream Entertainment, Nilüfer Kuyel,

MAIN CATEGORY Format Program
GENRE Reality
TARGET GROUP Adults, Men, Teen, Women