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Can you serve yourself up, and most importantly can you make a better decision in love this time around?

Before deciding to start a relationship with someone you are attracted to, wouldn’t you like to know more about their interactions with opposite sex, past relationships, their home and lifestyle? Serve Yourself Up introduces a new approach to dating and social interaction. 

In Serve Yourself Up, 5 singles, picked out by a relationship coach, get the chance to know more about each other over a dinner table every night of the week. Monday through Friday, 5 contestants that have never met before, get together for a dinner party at one another’s homes. Every day different topics about relationships are discussed and surprising facts about the contestants are revealed. 

At the end of each episode, the evening’s host will be evaluated and rated by the other contestants based on their character, charm, hosting skills, and approach to a relationship.

Distributed by Lucid Dream Entertainment, Nilüfer Kuyel,

MAIN CATEGORY Format Program
GENRE Dating Show
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Women