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Flavour of Love is a unique lifestyle show which concentrates on male/female relationship, love and dating, where at the same time the audience learn about cooking, special event designing and hosting in style. It’s a delicious blend of reality and sitcom mixing food and fashion which gives a great interest in its guest’s character.

A columnist or a blogger hosts a male celebrity in her house, wine and dine with him. She needs to pick up all details that she believes would attract him. She searches social media etc to get the key info on the guest his likes and dislikes and then she prepares the menu, atmosphere and herself. Which will give them the opportunity to talk about what would will steal his heart. In the end of the romantic dinner date designed as a talkshow she writes her observations to her blog. The viewer gets to know his favorite male celebrity while learning tips and tricks to attract the opposite sex.

Distributed by Lucid Dream Entertainment, Nilüfer Kuyel,

MAIN CATEGORY Format Program
PROGRAM TYPE Entertainment
GENRE Cooking