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A potent bomb attack results in the death of the Duomo’s Vice Chief Davide Tempofosco and leaves Inspector Vito Sciuto seriously wounded. A new team rises from the ashes of the old squad. Under the leadership of Anna Cantalupo, a group of highly-skilled, yet quite unconventional police officers is formed. They are Inspector Giano Settemebrini, who has a controversial past in the drug squad and some not-quite-transparent methods; Inspector Carlo Nigro, as charming as he is unable to resist a pretty face and Chief Inspector Rosalia Bertinelli, who grew up in a mafia family, but has chosen to follow the path of the law.

Behind the new escalation of violence there’s Giovanni Reitani, an aging mob boss who has just returned to Sicily after three decades on the run. Reitani’s precious notebook guards secrets about his enemies, as well as a proposal to involve the most important Mafia families in the lucrative business of international non-conventional arms dealing.

However, on his way up to the echelons of organized crime, Reitani finds an unexpected obstacle. He falls head over heels for beautiful nightclub dancer Patrizia, who forces him to reopen some painful wounds from the past. The provocative lap dancer disrupts Reitani's cold determination and even manages to throw the Duomo squad into disarray. While two new mafia families fight bloodily to take over the territory, forging new murderous alliances and mysterious betrayals, the infamous De Silva returns with a series of moves, once again, impossible to predict.

MAIN CATEGORY Format, Readymade
GENRE Thriller
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Women