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We all have unused items at home. Either these are the things we can't bear to throw away because they have a memory, or they are forgotten on the dusty shelves. These items only take up space in cupboards and warehouses, and no one thinks of using them. We aim to explain how second-hand goods can sometimes be reused with different designs. 

Sometimes they can contribute to our home economy with small touches; by simply removing them from their places at a time when consumption is increasing and production is almost non-existent.

We have a total of 4 teams/families. Each team consists of 2 family members. Our host moderates each episode by going to the houses of the contestants.Each of the competing teams has days when we will be in their homes. Each contestant's home day will be broadcast as one (1) episode. In the first four days of the week, we see the furniture changing and preparation of the items that will be put up for sale in the homes of the competing families. After the exchange period in the house is over, the rival contestants and the presenter come to visit the house. They give money/points between 10 and 100 for the items that will be on the market. 

After the scoring, the host delivers the items to be sold to the team to be removed from the house and stored. The fifth day is the final. All competitors go to the predetermined market and start selling the items. The sales figures are added together with the money/points given by the opposing teams and the host. The contestant with the highest points wins the first prize.


PROGRAM TYPE Entertainment, Unscripted
GENRE Factual Entertainment
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Teen, Women