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The series tells the story of fanatic fans who greatly admire television series and organizing on social media to form a "fandom" and the conflict between the screenwriters of the series and the fandoms, in a dark humorous way.

Can, who is the scriptwriter of the very successful soap opera "Lovers Hill", which has been running for 9 seasons, announces during a live broadcast that the series will have its finale. After the announcement, the fandom goes crazy on social media. Ferda is a girl who works in an elderly care house and is known as respectful and loving young women. She is also a fan of this series and thinks that the elderly people in the elderly care house connected with this series emotionally and cannot accept the situation that Can announced.

One night, she goes to Can's house and capture him in the basement of his house. She takes Can hostage and keeps people away from the house, even if the solution is to kill them. When she does not like the scripts Can wrote, Ferda changes them according to her wishes and learns to write scripts over time.

In this way, Can starts writing the movie he dreams of. Can, who hates Ferda at first, later likes this situation. On the other hand, the police gets involved and tries to solve the deaths that took place near the house. The series is full of humor about the relationship between two characters, police investigations, and increasingly complex plots.

"Fandom" is a 2 season Turkish comedy series consisting of a total of 26 episodes, 13 episodes per season, broadcasted on Bein Connect in 2021.

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MAIN CATEGORY Format, Readymade
GENRE Comedy
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Women