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Maybe you can understand and get along with a person, but getting to know that person, particularly a celebrity, in all their peculiarities is a true riddle, the answer to which is hidden in the details! They may look perfect in appearance. But who are they when no one is looking?

2 teams of 2, each composed of 1 person with design skills and another with culinary skills, will blend their sixth sense with their creativity to hold a pleasant reception to prove their guests that they really know them and to show them all celebrations, surprise parties, and receptions organized for them, everything that has so far been done to that end, are nothing but ordinary, routine and meaningless.

The teams will get to know the celebrity they will host in all aspects, analyze their character correctly, and organize 'the' reception that exclusively touches their heart, sometimes by adding their own guesses and interpretations, and sometimes by taking risks. Teams will have the right to use the Internet and make phone calls to get to know their famous guests. Teams have a total of 1 hour to get to know their famed guests.


MAIN CATEGORY Format Program
GENRE Cooking, Reality, Styling
TARGET GROUP Adults, Family, Men, Women