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4 April 2022

'Your Honor' series  that we distribute will meet the audience on ATV screens at 20.00 tonight! 


'Hakim', the Turkish adaptation of Your Honor, starring Emmy Award-winning Bryan Cranston, will be broadcast on ATV screens every Monday at 20:00.

Master actor Erdal Beşikçioğlu takes on the character of Ömer Arif, the leading role in the series!

Ömer Arif Derman; He is a successful judge who has adopted the principle of being honest, fair and conscientious, loved and respected by his environment. His son Ozan causes an accident on the anniversary of his mother's death. The young man hit by Ozan's car dies at the scene despite all his efforts. Ozan, who left the scene of the accident with panic and fear, tells his father what happened to him when he returns home. Ömer Arif, who goes to the police station to bring his son to justice with his own hands, encounters a bad surprise there. The person Ozan killed is the son of Azem Demirkıran, one of the country's famous businessmen and the leader of the crime syndicate. This man, who is notorious for his cruelty, and his wife Zümrüt Demirkıran want to find the murderer of their son as soon as possible, and they swear revenge. Ömer Arif, who has tried to make right and fair decisions throughout his life, now has to calm his conscience in order to protect his son as a father. The judge will make the most difficult decision of his life, this time on behalf of his son! Moreover, not knowing that day by day you will sink into a dirty story that is difficult to get out of...